1.     Okay, I’m in! How do I join the Oh, shift! Movement?
Oh, so many ways. The first is to start applying the principles to your own life.  If you haven’t read the book yet, what are you waiting for? – it’s a free download on this site’s home page! Next, begin sharing the shift and joining the movement. 

2.      Is there any difference between the teen and adult books?
The message and principles are the same, but the stories and examples are very different.

3.      Can you come out and train our staff or speak at our event?
Sure can! Contact us to get the ball rolling.

4.      How fast do orders ship out?
We don’t mess around – orders normally go out within one business day. To keep your shipping costs low, we send orders via USPS Media Mail, so allow 7-10 days to get your goods. Contact us directly if you need your order rushed.

5.      If we purchase only one Kit, can we have multiple people facilitate it? The license agreement allows for only ONE facilitator. You would need to get additional kits for each person you have facilitating. Contact us  for multiple order discounts.


  1. What format can I deliver this material in?
    You are licensed to deliver this material IN-PERSON only. You can take one module and give an hour long talk, two or three for a workshop, use all modules for a weekend retreat. Per the agreement, delivery via teleclasses or webinar is not permitted.

  2. I’m worried about filling my classes once I buy the program!
    This is a common fear. That’s why we’ve included marketing flyers, web copy, social media posts, and tips on how to get butts in seats! It’s all in there.

  3. What if I’m nervous about public speaking?
    You are normal. But no sweat here, because the Facilitator Guide is packed with tips, prompts, and scripts to keep you feeling confident. Plus, we recommend exactly where you can find further support to improve your speaking skills. And there is an entire training video dedicated to Facilitation skill building.

  4. How will this program build my business and get me clients? That is the genius of the program. Besides getting you out in front of your target market, the content has been specially designed to highlight the areas in which participants need further support. They’ll be knocking down your door. Plus, you’ll get client sign-up sheets and other tools to make enrolling clients easy without feeling “salesy.”

  5. What’s kind of exposure will I get for being Licensed?
    You’ll also get listed on the Find a Facilitator page and may qualify to be a highlighted facilitator featured on our social media channels.

  6. Is the language in the book going to be offensive to my organization’s decision makers?
    We get that some institutions are restricted from using language that’s controversial. Keep in mind that there’s no swearing in the books and that the play on words is part of the power – how changing one little letter changes a person’s reality. The language of the book is super effective in reaching adults and teens in the manner in which they speak. There are a thousand programs out there playing it safe - we choose to use language that resonates with people and meet them where they’re at.

  7. I really want to bring Oh, shift! to my office, but I’m not a teacher or inspirational coach. How will I get the message across to my staff or coworkers effectively?
    We’ve got you covered. This complete, turn-key system gives you everything you need to deliver life-changing content that makes shift happen for your colleagues or staff. Each of the six 45-60 minute modules is power-packed with activities and discussion, all ready to go. The Kit comes with the Facilitator’s Guide, which includes step-by-step instructions and scripts, making facilitation a breeze. Plus, video recordings of Jennifer Powers facilitating a module will increase your understanding of the material and model effective delivery.

  8. Do you accept PO's?
    Indeed we do.  Just fill your cart with all the goodies you need and when you go to checkout, you will have the option to submit a PO. Easy breezy.

  9. What age range is the Oh, shift! for Teens book and program for?
    We recommend between 13 and 18 years old. However, we've had a few mature 11 and 12 years olds say they really dig it too! If you're working with people older than 18, you're going to want to move to the Adult Workshop Kit.

  10. Can Jennifer and Mark come speak directly to our teens?
    We're flattered! But we are here to support you in your work with teens. So instead of doing workshops directly to teens, we do presentations to adult audiences. Then you get to take the message to your kids. 
    We do, however, have licensed facilitators of our teen program that we are happy to put you in touch with. They would be happy to come speak with your teens!
    Contact us for more info.