Co-authors and life partners Jennifer Powers and Mark Tucker have teamed up to dispense their collective knowledge to help adults and teens alike.
Audiences are enthralled by the Oh, shift! principles and hooked on shifting their perspectives to take their power back. 

Jennifer Powers is a fearless, loving heart who insists on making a difference in the world before she checks out. She coaches, speaks and writes from a place of honesty, service, and pure giddiness. She’s a believer in the human spirit and her mission is to help others find their truth, whatever that may look like. And whether she has met you yet or not, Jennifer is your biggest fan. Oh, and when she does meet you…expect a hug.

In 2005 Jennifer started building her coaching and speaking practice which now serves individuals and corporate clients on five continents. Jennifer earned her Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Houston and earned her MCC, the highest coach credential awarded by the International Coach Federation.

Jennifer set out to write Oh, shift! in 2009 to reach a wider audience beyond her coaching and speaking clients, but she had no idea it would impact the world the way it has. Today Oh, shift! is a rapidly growing movement that Jennifer is ridiculously excited about. Every day she gets emails from people around the world, young and old, whose lives have been changed because of her message.

Her big hairy audacious goal is to have Oh, shift! in the hands of every living person on earth. 
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Jennifer Powers' presentations offer audiences a fresh perspective on how to deal with change, stay out of resistance, be positive, and embrace the organization's mission just a little bit tighter. 


Mark Tucker, M.Ed. is an award-winning educator with twelve years’ experience teaching high school and leadership to youth. In 2011, Mark met Jennifer (courtesy of Knowing a good thing when they saw it, it was a no-brainer that they would team up to co-author Oh, shift! for Teens. The response was overwhelming and Mark knew they needed to build an army if they wanted to get this message out.

They collaborated again to produce the Oh, shift!  for Teens Workshop Kit, making it possible for teen advocates around the world to create positive changes in the lives of our youth.

Mark is also the co-host of the Oh, shift! Audio Blog which you will absolutely love because it gives you the shift you need…plus a few good laughs!

By then Mark was knee-deep in shift and figured he’d be crazy not to make Jennifer his wife. They tied the knot in 2013. Mazel tov! 

Mark is now the CEO of Powerhouse, Inc. and is fully responsible for booking and managing Jen’s speaking events around the world.

Jennifer and Mark live the sweet life in Portland, Oregon where they continue to generate shift that benefits the world at large. :)