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It’s constant in every organization:

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And in that moment, when things shift,
your people can either be in acceptance or in resistance to those changes.

What does your organization experience when your employees resist change?

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Let’s face it, change is uncomfortable and it makes us think and do things differently. 
It’s asking a lot of your people to embrace change without giving them tools to be successful. We can help you with that…


Our journey helping people deal with organizational change started several years ago with the principles outlined in the best-selling book Oh, shift!


Oh, shift! has given thousands of organizations the tools they need to deal with shift, so they spend less time in resistance and more time in a state of flow and productivity.


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Well, the book was just the beginning.
We now help employees at every level successfully deal with the many inevitable (and often painful) organizational changes. We offer a variety of opportunities, including
keynotes, training, coaching and content to help staffs embrace change and have a little fun along the way.

 • Live keynotes and breakouts
Live coach training
Executive coaching
• Live and recorded webinars
Client attraction workshop kits
• Personalized podcast series

It’s inevitable.
Your organization and employees are going to experience tons of shift.
Give them the tools to successfully react to challenges and to handle change like a superhero.


Meeting planners, training managers and HR professionals who are interested in bringing the Oh, shift! message to your organization FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW to get a complimentary copy of Oh, shift! mailed to you.

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