The Oh, shift! movement is taking hold, and independent licensed facilitators are popping up around the globe.

These highly qualified coaches, speakers and trainers are committed to lighting the path and leading others in the pursuit of joy.

Reach out to them directly to find out when their next workshop is or to hire them to speak at your upcoming event.

  Mary Beth Stolte   San Antonio, TX

Mary Beth Stolte 
San Antonio, TX

  Frederique Morris  Canberra, Australia

Frederique Morris
Canberra, Australia

  Valerie Whitfield  Cornelius, NC

Valerie Whitfield
Cornelius, NC

  bob McNeil  Spokane, WA

bob McNeil
Spokane, WA

  Diana Guerin  Bentonville, AK  

Diana Guerin
Bentonville, AK 

  Sheila Sutherland  Vancouver, British Columbia  

Sheila Sutherland
Vancouver, British Columbia 

  Nicola Taylor  Hinckley, Leicestershire UK  

Nicola Taylor
Hinckley, Leicestershire UK 

  Sharon Birn   Syosset, NY

Sharon Birn 
Syosset, NY

  Lynn Schreiner  Ashland, MA

Lynn Schreiner
Ashland, MA

  Brian Grenier  Pineknoll Shores, NC  

Brian Grenier
Pineknoll Shores, NC 

  Celia Gomes  Bristol, RI

Celia Gomes
Bristol, RI

  Robyn Knox  Lake Oswego, OR  

Robyn Knox
Lake Oswego, OR 

  Karen Lynch  San Francisco, CA

Karen Lynch
San Francisco, CA

  Debi Wilson  Valencia, CA

Debi Wilson
Valencia, CA

  Sarah Toelkes  Greensboro, NC 

Sarah Toelkes
Greensboro, NC 

  Phylice Kessler  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Phylice Kessler
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  Marion Segin  Tuckahoe, NJ

Marion Segin
Tuckahoe, NJ

  Dan Connelly   Mundelein, IL

Dan Connelly
Mundelein, IL

  Cody Williams  San Luis Obispo, CA  

Cody Williams
San Luis Obispo, CA 

  Velinda Alexander  Chicago, IL

Velinda Alexander
Chicago, IL

  Keith Senzer  Plainview, NY

Keith Senzer
Plainview, NY

  Colette Brooks  Bristow, VA (DC Metro)

Colette Brooks
Bristow, VA (DC Metro)

  Nikki Hale  Chicago, IL
  Shawna Warner  Boulder, CO
  Helen Burton  Amarillo, TX  

Helen Burton
Amarillo, TX 

Testimonials our facilitators receive:

Dear Frederique,

Thank you for all of your support and guidance throughout the ‘Oh Shift’ programme. Your inviting and calm manner fostered an open and supportive group work atmosphere where every participant had a voice. Your technique of listening reflectively to our personal examples in relation to the ‘Oh Shift’ skills, encouraging us to listen carefully to each other’s examples, then questioning each participant gently until they could successfully apply what we were learning to their situation was a highlight as it meant I was not only learning the ‘Oh Shift’ skills in relation to my experiences, but was also seeing how they could be applied in a variety of situations.

On a personal level I was able to apply the skills/strategies of the ‘Oh Shift’ programme to an on going situation in my career throughout the workshops, week by week. By the final workshop I could view the situation from a new perspective and had designed four possible solutions, each with the outcome of me being a happier and healthier person.

Since completing the programme I have utilised the ‘Oh Shift’ techniques daily in different aspects of my life. I am solving issues in a more considered, calm and positive manner for all involved. I feel in more control of my future and am looking forward to a new phase in my life.

Thank you Frederique and thank you ‘Oh Shift’.

A shifthead from Australia