Blog 160 - I'm Not Listening To You

In this 12-minute post, Mark and Jen start a conversation about bringing more curiosity into relationships. They discuss a cultural phenomenon in which the majority of the population show up to conversations without a real interest in others. Jen challenges listeners to assess whether they are approaching others trying to be interested or interesting.

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Blog 159 - Go With The Flow

In this week’s 11-minute episode, Mark and Jen discuss the power we have when we choose to be in flow with the shift that’s going on around us and the reason why we get out of flow.

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Blog 158 - Something Isn't Working

In this week’s 13-minute episode, Mark and Jen discuss people’s natural resistance to change, even positive changes in our lives. The two discuss the different reasons that people get stuck and what we can do about it.

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Blog 157 - Ready For A Change

In this week’s 13-minute episode, Mark and Jen talk about their current break from alcohol. They use it as an example of the value of envisioning change in our lives and the potential benefits that change can bring.

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Blog 156 - The Dark Side

In this week’s 14-minute episode Mark and Jen talk about living in a politically correct society and the need to be okay with our dark side. They suggest that as we embrace being careful not to harm others with out words, it’s important to allow for our complex tendencies.

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Blog 155 - No Means No

In this week’s 15-minute episode Jen and Mark talk about people who say yes or no too much. Jen speaks about her own tendency to be too agreeable and why she’s made changes. The two give role play examples of saying no, even when there is pressure to say yes.

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Blog 154 - Something I Need To Tell You

In this week’s 15-minute episode Mark and Jen discuss the sheer, incredible potential power that words can have on others. The two share personal stories that demonstrate how words can be used to inspire and build relationships.

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Blog 153 - You Need To Treat Me Better

In this week’s 13-minute episode Mark and Jen discuss what role we all play in the way other people treat us. They suggest that there are patterns of behavior that we allow that may not be in our interest and how we can change those patterns.

Blog 152 - Time To Connect

In this week’s 11-minute episode, Mark and Jen discuss Patrick Galvin’s book The Connector’s Way and the value of getting out there and connecting with people face to face.  They illustrate the benefits that this creates for people both in their personal and professional lives.

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Blog 151 - Don't Make An Ass Out Of U And Me

In this week’s 13-minute episode, Mark and Jen discuss how our tendency to make assumptions about the thoughts and attitudes of others and how it can be wrongly influencing the way we behave. The two talk about the gift you give to yourself and others when you find out what’s really going on.

Blog 150 - Stop Flogging Yourself!

In this week’s 14-minute episode, Jen and Mark talk about the process of change and encourage people to understand the value of patience when it comes to self-awareness.  They discuss self-acceptance and the value of being patient with ourselves.

Blog 149 - Playing The Victor

In this week’s 12-minute episode, Jen and Mark expand on the challenges that people face in playing the victor role in their lives. They break it down between the three areas of our life that we can be victorious – feelings, action/reactions, and the power of choice.

Blog 148 - Give To Get

In this week’s 11-minute episode, Jen and Mark talk about redirecting our focus from ourselves to others. They talk about the ironic self-serving benefits of looking to help or support others.

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Blog 147 - Check In With You

In this 13-minute episode, Mark and Jen discuss how people tend to look to others to get social cues on how do be and how to act appropriately.  They suggest that the trouble is when we neglect to consider our own needs and neglect what actually is best for us.

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Blog 146 - The Pursuit of Happiness

In this 12-minute episode, Mark and Jen ask listeners to look at the time they spend doing things that they don’t want to do and to ask themselves how much more motivated they would be to find things they are good at and enjoy doing.

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Blog 145 - Part 2 Fight or Flight

Mark and Jen continue a two-part series with guest Jamie Liptan.  In this 30-minute conclusion, the three continue to explore the deeper level of awareness needed to understand the root causes of our physical pain.  They discuss the reason we tend to look for a quick end to our pain and they shed light on what messages our pain might be trying to communicate.

Blog 144 – Part 1 Fight or Flight

Mark and Jen kick off a two-part series by inviting Jamie Liptan to the show.  Jamie is an expert of the John Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach. In this special 20-minute episode, the three help listeners in their ability to identify the root causes of their physical pain through self-awareness.

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Blog 143 - Pain In The Neck

In this week’s 9-minute episode, Mark and Jen begin a discussion about pain that we humans experience in our bodies.  In this first phase they propose that some of our pain is the result of trapped trauma that may have never found a path to release.

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Blog 142 - It's Your Choice

In this week’s 11-minute episode, Jen highlights her belief in the freedom of choice and how integral it has become in her messaging. The two talk about how choice creates opportunity to make positive changes in people’s lives exactly when they are ready.

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