Professional coach and speaker Jennifer Powers wrote Oh, shift! in 2009 to help you create positive shifts in your life so you can experience more joy.  Written with wit and humor, Jennifer takes you places you haven't been before with her honest, tell-it-like-it-is style. Every page is filled with powerful insights that will make you think, giggle and understand what it takes to literally change your life...and it all starts with the letter ‘f’.
It took only a few months for Oh, shift! to become an Amazon best-seller.

The truth is, you can’t control what people say and do, or the unfavorable events that life serves up.

That’s why Oh, shift! focuses on choosing your reactions to those situations to maximize happiness and reduce stress. Oh, shift! works because the concepts are super simple, easy to use, and ridiculously relatable. So you go from feeling crappy to being happy in a lickity split.

In 2011, Jennifer teamed up with award-winning educator Mark Tucker to write Oh, shift! for Teens. Utilizing the same principles as the original, Oh, shift! for Teens helps young people learn how to take the curve balls life throws at them and hit ‘em out of the park.

The results?

Teens boost their self-esteem, make better choices and take control of what can be an über-challenging time of life.

The success of the book has led to a fast growing movement in the U.S. and other parts of the world, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Over the years multiple programs were developed that allow shift heads to become licensed to lead Oh, shift! classes and workshops of their own, bringing Oh, shift! into their businesses, organizations, schools, non-profits, communities, and living rooms.