Blog 125 - Say More About My Eyes

In this 12-minute episode Mark and Jen discuss the impact that our words have on other people.  They talk about how important other people’s words have been in shaping the direction of their own lives. The two also discuss why humans need the input of others to get a clear picture of their standing in the world.

Blog 124 - So Funny I Forgot To Laugh

In this 11-minute episode Mark and Jen talk about incorporating more laughter into life. They talk about times when it has helped them out of dark times and how important it is to make sure that listeners are laughing often.

Blog 123 - Losing My Religion

In this 11-minute episode Mark and Jen get a question from a listener asking why they never discus politics and religion on the show. Mark shares insights as to why these topics can alienate shift heads who very much need the message that Oh, shift! has to offer.

Blog 122 - Great Expectations

In this 12-minute episode Mark and Jen continue the conversation about deservingness. They talk about having high expectations out of life and why having high expectations may create more work but it also creates a better reality.

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Blog 121 - Everything You Desire

In this 15-minute episode Mark and Jen ask the question, “should we be able to have what we want in life?” They discuss a process for narrowing down our preferences and desires, and how to apply that information to our career, family and marriage. The two also talk about blocks that people have in feeling deserving of having what they want.

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Blog 120 - Bringing Me Down

In this 11-minute episode Jen talks about a questions that listeners often ask in her keynotes – What do we do with loved-ones or co-workers that are super negative? Jen talks about not being dragged down by these people and gives listeners a strategy to stay in their power around negative people.

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Blog 119 - Truth Circles

In this 14-minute episode Mark and Jen tell about their Truth Circle™ facilitation model. Truth Circles™ were developed to give people the opportunity to speak their truth without fear or judgment. The two give some highlights of how to use them and what benefits they bring to groups.  Mark offers to send guidelines to anybody who contacts him.

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Blog 118 - Spread The Word

In this 14-minute episode Jen talks about sharing the Oh, shift! message across the country and she and Mark go on to encourage listeners to share their own message with those around them.  The two discuss forums that people can use to lead groups and make an impact in their home and work.

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Blog 117 - My Screen Addiction

In this 11-minute episode, Jen and Mark discuss taking technology fasts.  Jen explains why she’s been giving herself technology breaks and shares how it has led to some more productive endeavors.  The two discuss why the screen is such a lure for most people and what happens when it gets shut off.

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Blog 116 - I'm Having Trouble Loving Myself

In this 16-minute episode, Mark asks Jen about her tag-line “love yourself” and the two explore the challenges that many people have in loving themselves.  The two explore causes and ways to deal with deficiencies in the way we feel about ourselves.

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Blog 115 - The Cause Of My Pain

In this 16-minute episode, Jen speaks about emotional trauma that gets stored in people’s bodies in the form of pain. Jen shares her understanding of the concept and her own experience with physical pain emanating from childhood trauma.  Jen refers listeners to teachings by Louise Hay that have helped her understand this connection.

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Blog 114 - Keeping It Real

In this 15-minute episode Jen and Mark discuss their approach to creating a Movement and the desire to keep things real and accessible to people in all walks of life. Jen discusses getting back in touch with the inspiration that led to writing Oh, shift!

Blog 113 - The Story Gets Better

In this 11-minute episode Mark and Jen continue the conversation about the influence of the subconscious mind over our lives. Jen breaks it down between the stories that were given to us by others and those we give ourselves.

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Blog 112 - Change Your Story

In this 11-minute episode Mark and Jen discuss the power our subconscious mind has on our lives.  They ponder how stories from our early lives influences and shapes our subconscious mind and the effect our words have in changing those stories.

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Blog 111 - Don't Go Changin'

In this 11-minute episode Jen and Mark discuss relationships and the value in being able to evolve our expectations of our loved ones over time. So many of us have challenges allowing for growth in the lives of our friends, family and spouses.

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Blog 110 - Letting Go Of A Friendship

In this 10-minute episode Mark and Jen examine the portion of Oh, shift! dealing with friendships and when relationships may need to come to an end.  Jen describes the difference between enduring a challenging relationship and when to let go of a relationship that can be damaging.

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Blog 109 - Something Inspirational

In this 10-minute episode Mark and Jen discuss how we humans are inspired by the words of other people. Jen reveals why she looks inward for words of inspiration and encourages listeners to find ways to be their own inspiration.

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Blog 108 - Love Your Self

In this 10-minute episode Mark and Jen take on the topic of low self-worth – why people struggle with it and what we can do about it.  Jen shares her own experiences as well as giving examples from her role as a coach.

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Blog 107 - Coaching 101

In this 12-minute episode, Jen explains what coaching is and sheds some light on why so many people are getting help through coaching. She also discusses the hidden afflictions that are shared by many corporate leaders and how coaching helps them overcome their hardest challenges.

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Blog 106 - On The Road

In this 11–minute episode, Jen and Mark give some insight about the Oh, shift! message that they are delivering to audiences around the country. They also give listeners a heads-up as to where they will be visiting in the coming months.

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