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The best-selling book Oh, shift!
Shows you how to change your life
by changing your perspective.

Simple. Fun. Life-altering.

Oh, shift! is not only a book, but a global movement that’s changing the world one person at a time.
And your turn has arrived.

It’s time to say “yes” to JOY.

And when you do your life will change, and the ripple effect can change the world.

Reduced stress. Happier kids. Healthier bodies. Improved relationships.
Increased success. Thriving communities. Reduced crime. Universal acceptance.
Racial harmony. Religious freedom.

This is a movement toward JOY.
And we're starting with YOU.

Oh, shift! shows us that we can move mountains if we just choose to do a little shifting. The craziest part is that once I started applying the shift, people around me noticed and they asked me what I was up to. My husband started shifting, my kids were saying “Oh, shift!” and my best friend who was really struggling with her divorce read the book and loved it too! It’s so amazing to me what an influence Oh, shift! has had on me and my life. I am a true shift head and loving it!
— Marie Bendetto
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The Oh, shift! principles are powerful.

The content is changing lives and businesses everywhere.
And now it's available for YOU to deliver to your staff, clients and teens.

Grow your 
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Are you looking for life-changing content to deliver group events aimed at your target audience? We got you covered.
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For-profit corporations

Wanna increase productivity, improve morale, and create a more positive work environment?
Become a licensed Oh, shift! facilitator and guide your staff to create positive changes that stick. 

elevate your mission-driven work

Non-profits & Schools

Need a powerful tool to empower the teens or adults you serve?
Become a licensed Oh, shift! facilitator and help them reach their goals and make powerful changes in their lives. We want to support the great work you do!