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HI! I’m Jennifer Powers. Go ahead…click play:)

IF YOU’RE A PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER, BUSINESS OWNER, ACCOUNT MANAGER or ENTREPRENEUR you know it’s not easy to stand out when there’s so much NOISE and everyone’s doing the same old-same old to get clients.

You’ve probably tried a slew of things to warm leads, get new clients and increase customer loyalty, including…

  • Cold calling

  • Social media-ing

  • Competing on price

  • Direct mailing

  • SEO-ing

  • Blogging

  • Advertising

  • Waiting for referrals

  • Networking over rubber chicken or….

  • Plastering your picture on a bus stop bench


When I was starting out as a coach, I tried everything to set myself apart from tens of thousands of other coaches. I labored over social media. I blogged. I tweeted. I e-zined and You Tubed. I tried to be competitive with my fees and networked my face off. Some of it worked, but not entirely. Because when you look and act like everyone else in your industry you just blend in with the pack.
You get lost in the crowd.
Then, one day I discovered the secret sauce that so brilliantly set me apart from my competition and was soooo much easier than the long list of efforts I was killing myself to get done. And it can be your secret sauce too. You ready?


Be the most valuable person in the room to potential clients and customers by delivering proven transformational content so impactful they can never go back to being their old selves.

  • Show them you CARE about them

  • Solve a problem NO ONE ELSE has solved for them

  • Positively impact their LIVES…and you’ll have them at hello.

Facilitating personal development workshops and learning events to clients and prospects will help you:

  • Build trust faster by creating an emotional connection with your target audience

  • Create warm leads (effortlessly) through a simple invitation

  • Open up doors to new business that you never thought possible

  • Make your clients see you as a partner and not just “another service provider”

  • Create a name for yourself as a thought leader in your industry

  • Positively impact people’s lives

  • Bring more meaning—and joy—in your work.

If I told you that you could do ALL OF THE ABOVE and even create an additional revenue stream, would you be interested?


Of course you would. You’re not an idiot.
And neither am I.

jp image.jpg

When I released my best-selling book Oh, shift!, I tirelessly toured North America delivering the Oh, shift! keynote to over 250,000 people in the US, Canada and Mexico. My goal was to remind people of their awesome power of choice and how to use it to live a more positive and joyful life.

Simply put, people went CRAZY for the Oh, shift! message. Its simple and impactful ideas changed thousands of lives. And that was the start of a very cool movement that helps people find JOY (and we can all use some more of that).


After hearing my keynote, attendees would come up to me again and again to say that this was a game-changer for them personally and they wished that their ENTIRE OFFICE or TEAM could hear this message because they knew “so many people who could use a SHIFT!

3D Binder.png

We heard their call, and in 2013 produced the first edition of the Oh, shift! Workshop Kit which gave leaders and organizations everything they needed to deliver six powerful workshops based on the concepts found in Oh, shift! to positively change the culture of the workplace, help their people deal with change more effectively, and show them that life (and work) doesn’t always have to be a big, fat struggle.

And not only were hundreds of organizations getting their shift together, but entrepreneurs were also coming on board, getting licensed and using the Oh, shift! Workshop Kit as a revenue-generating tool by offering fee-based workshops in their industry, community and beyond. One of our facilitators made $25,000 in her first six months. Bam!

That in and of itself was reason for us to be excited about the Kit.

BUT the biggest surprise came when we heard from professionals in a variety of industries who were using the Kit as a powerful marketing tool.

Genius, right?


Sales professionals, consultants, and 1:1 service providers in industries like insurance, finance, medical, coaching, consulting, real estate, etc. believed they could stand out from their competitors if they created relationships built on caring for their prospects’ personal well-being vs. just going straight for the sale.
And boy, were they right.


Listen to how Kate used the Oh, shift! Kit to close a deal.


These genius early-adopters were setting their businesses on fire with this hot new marketing approach. They reported finding it “so easy to connect with historically “unreachable” prospects” by simply inviting them to a free personal development workshop hosted by them.


Others reported loving this approach because it took the focus off “closing the sale” and made it more about being in service to their prospects. Showing they cared about their prospects as people first made them so likable, they didn’t have to close the sale. It closed itself!

More than a few also mentioned that it fulfilled their secret desire to be a motivational thought leader (while still keeping their day job). And then it actually improved the results of their day job! Ridiculously cool.

When we heard about all of this success, we got to work up-leveling the Oh, shift! Workshop Kit.

In this new second edition Kit we wanted to give you everything you need to succeed in facilitating these powerful workshops in a dynamic way to build relationships, improve your brand and grow your client base.

Q. “But Jennifer, I don’t have any experience giving workshops! Can I make this work?”

A. YES! Because we’ve included tons of tools to set you up for success including facilitation training videos, demo videos, PowerPoint decks and more. (Keep reading to see what I mean.)



  • In this digitally saturated world people are STARRRRVING for personal connection. Be the one who feeds them what they’re craving.

  • While your competitors are busy “selling” prospects and clients, YOU are busy “caring for their well-being. This builds likability and trust. And people love to do business with those they like and trust.

  • Personal development workshops leave people feeling positive and “filled up”. They naturally associate this awesome feeling with you. And because of this association, when they are ready to buy whatever product or service you sell, they’re sure to buy it from YOU.


Q. Yeah, but… why can’t I just offer workshops about an industry specific topic?

A. Because people get annoyed when you try to “sell them” without having first built a relationship with them. Plus, they see industry related seminars as thinly veiled tactics to sell to them. Yuck.


OK, but why should I choose the OH, SHIFT! Workshop Kit?

OSWK 3d binder.png
  • This is the first Kit of its kind out there, so you’ll be on the cutting edge (and the envy of your cohort).

  • Powerful & Proven content. For the past six years participants have unanimously rated the content a 5 out of 5. Attendees love it. And they will thank YOU for the positive shifts that occur. Believe me. I know.

  • Designed to be interactive. So many speakers talk too much. This is the opposite. You are engaging the attendees in rich, interactive conversations and activities. This makes each session unique, fun, lively and never stale.

  • Super easy to facilitate. You do not have to be an expert speaker or facilitator. I repeat…
    <<You do not have to be an expert speaker or facilitator.>>
    We give you everything you need to look like a polished pro. Step-by-step instructions, timing cues, scripts, exercises, demo and training videos. Easy-peasy.

  • You don’t have to pretend to be an expert. The material is designed to engage your audience (instead of “talking at them”), so any tough question that comes up, you can just bounce back to the group. I’ll show you how to leave the heavy lifting to them.

  • People love the fun, cheeky Oh, shift! brand. Don’t you?



  1. Purchase your kit

  2. Choose your module(s) and schedule an event

  3. Watch the demo, intro, and facilitation training videos

  4. Facilitate the workshop like a pro

  5. Leave 5 minutes at the end to make your pitch and use the tools provided to capture leads and schedule consults

  6. Set up next workshop within 4-8 weeks and continue to be that person people know, like and trust

  7. Enjoy all the new business that results when people realize that you care about their entire well-being and are therefore drawn to you like magnets to a refrigerator door. Sha-zam. And, you’re welcome.


  • Hold a monthly client loyalty/appreciation event

  • Fill a slot at an industry conference

  • Give a few in your community and invite local prospects

  • Offer one to the employees of an org you want to do business with

  • Offer to hold one for the clients of an org you want to do business with

  • Sponsor a VIP event and invite some big hitters that you’ve “hand-selected”

  • Partner with another business or two and make your own mini conference

  • Hold one for current clients and tell them to bring a friend (read: prospect)

  • Contact HR of the org you want to schmooze and get. in. the. door.

  • Collaborate w/ a colleague and hold a half-day learning/networking event

  • Make it your community service effort with no strings attached

  • Create a revenue stream by selling tickets to your workshops/retreats

  • Get even more creative than the above list. You’re smart.

Watch a 3-minute snippet of the jammed-packed facilitation training video you get with the Kit:



Oh, shift! Module
Words give you power and control. This session teaches participants how to use their words to affect their mindset, motivation, relationships, and company culture. This one is a game-changer.

Flow Module
When we’re in resistance, nobody suffers more than us. This session helps people practice acceptance so they spend less time in resistance and more time in the state of peace, productivity…and flow.

Reactions Module
Things don’t happen TO any of us, things just happen. It’s how we react to those things that gives us control of our life (or not). This session gives people a powerful tool to choose their reactions so they can choose their reality. Simply amazing.

Self-Awareness Module
Increasing self-awareness is a secret weapon. We can’t fine tune our clocks if we don’t know what makes us tick! This session helps people understand how they show up, which makes them more equipped to create the changes that have the most impact.

Change Module
Changing the way we show up requires a certain readiness and willingness; and understanding this dynamic is key to our success. This session helps participants identify the changes they deserve to make and gives them the tools to move toward those changes.

Personal Power Module
Many people tend to and blame others for what’s going on in their lives. Those beliefs and personalities can be disruptive. In this session folks will learn how to choose the victor role instead of the victim role. When they do that, they stop giving away their personal power and show up with more confidence. Ka-pow!


Now YOU can have your breakout moment by offering all of these workshops found in the new 2nd Edition Oh, shift! Workshop Kit.

Remember, your goal is to build relationships with your prospects and clients and you’ll do that in less than 90 minutes with an Oh, shift! workshop that they’ll be talking about for months and will change their lives forever.


But don’t take my word for it.
Here’s what some licensed facilitators have to say…

fac testimnonails.jpg


  • Insurance Agents

  • Chiropractors

  • Naturopaths

  • Consultants

  • Trainers

  • Coaches

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Healthcare providers

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Sales professionals

  • Financial advisors

  • Account Managers

  • Real estate agents

  • Yoga Instructors

  • Counselors

  • Acupuncturists

  • Early adopters

  • Visionaries

  • Big thinkers

  • Super heroes


Whatever profession you are in, by this time next month you can:

  • Build dozens of new relationships with prospects

  • Have a genuine impact in helping people improve their lives

  • Expand your reach and capture warm leads

  • Do something different that sets you apart from your competition

  • Improve customer loyalty and retention

  • Make even more money


Plus you’ll be backed by my…





If you’re skeptical, I get it!

I want to give you every opportunity to put this into action so you can exchange cold calls for warm relationships and stand out from the crowd by “caring” for your prospects instead of just “selling” to them.

That’s why I’m giving you a full 3 MONTHS to launch your first workshop and try the system.  If, after facilitating just one workshop, it doesn’t work for you, I’ll give you a 100% refund.


The truth is…you have a choice.


You can continue to

  1. Be seen as “JUST ANOTHER VENDOR” by current and prospective clients

  2. Get lost in the noise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  3. Make cold calls to get business (and hate it)

  4. Compete on price and/or product features alone

  5. Optimize your website (and cross your fingers)

  6. Sit behind your computer all day thinking business will come to you through osmosis

  7. Wonder when you’re going get that “big break” and finally make “all that money”

  8. Tap your fingers waiting for referrals to roll on in

  9. Dread doing all of the above

Or, you can take a BOLD, RISK-FREE STEP and

  1. Stop being just a “sales person” or just a “service provider”

  2. Set yourself apart as someone who cares

  3. Be the person people know, like and trust

  4. Effortlessly invite people into your world

  5. Give people the connection they are starving for

  6. Build relationships that will get business and referrals

  7. Be seen as a partner to your clients and prospects

  8. Make people feel good about themselves and thank YOU for it

  9. Create positive changes in people’s lives and be rewarded for it

  10. Infuse your life with more purpose, passion and positivity


I know. Tough choice.
But with a 90-day guarantee, what on earth do you have to lose?


Go ahead and fast-track your breakout move.

This is your shot to do something different to get a different result.


It costs less than an iPhone. Plus, how many clients will you need to bring on to get your investment back? One? I can assure you there will be ROI…

Try it for 90 days with our “try-it, test-it, apply-it, money back guarantee.*


we’d like to set up a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation call to get them answered.

Fill out the form toward the bottom of this page to schedule!


Here’s what you get in the Kit:

OSWK 3d binder.png
  • Facilitator’s Guide binder with all materials you need to facilitate 45 to 90-minute workshops

  • Facilitator Portal Access gives you 24/7 digital access to participant worksheets, marketing tools and more

  • PowerPoint slide deck for use during presentation

  • Demo video of me (Jennifer Powers) facilitating the Oh, shift! workshop to a live audience

  • Facilitation Training video with tons of tips and tricks to make you feel confident and competent before, during and after the event

  • Introduction videos for each module describing the concept and module in depth for a better understanding

  • Oh, shift! Facilitator Badge to display on your website or marketing collateral

  • Swag Starter Kit includes 12 brand-able Inspiration Cards, 12 wristbands, 12 brand-able Flip/Find/Freak pop-up cards, and a set of Shift Gifts

  • Twelve copies of the best-selling book Oh, shift! that you can give away or sell for profit at events

  • Facilitator Discount to purchase additional books at the wholesale price. This gives you a 50% markup for resale and extra money in yo’ pocket

  • One Lifetime License gives you permission to facilitate all six workshops (no renewal required)

Get. The. Worm.




Do I need to take a class or course to get “certified”?
Nope. No certification needed. We do recommend you view the facilitation training videos and watch the Oh, shift! Module Demo video as a participant first so you can experience the power behind the material.

How many people can use the kit once I buy it? Can I share?
Each kit comes with only ONE license, so each person is required to purchase his/her own kit if they want to be legally authorized to use the material. Sorry, no share-zies.

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?
If, after holding just one workshop, you don’t see the value it can bring to you and your business, just return it and we will refund 100% of your investment.

What if I need more SWAG kits?
No problemo. You can purchase additional SWAG and books any time at And don’t forget you get books at wholesale to give away or resell for profit.

What if I buy the Start-up or Growth Package then want more modules later?
You can purchase any additional modules at $295 each. Your license gives you permission to facilitate all six.

I’m ready. How do I get the Kit?
Scroll down a wee bit and click on the Get Licensed button, add your chosen Kit to your shopping cart and check out. Your Kit will arrive in 7-10 days. Bam!

What if I have more questions after I get the Kit?
Email us at ANYTIME with a question before, during or after you get licensed. My partner and co-creator Mark Tucker and I want you to be successful at this and we love supporting you!

Can we just hire you to deliver the training?
Sure, just email Mark at


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So whatcha waitin for?
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Say YES to this opportunity and say HELLO to clients who will want to work with you.
Try it for 90 days with our “try-it, test-it, apply-it, money back guarantee.* No risk. Nothing to lose.


*To qualify for the 90-day Money Back Guarantee you have try it, test it and apply it. If, after holding just one workshop, you don’t see the value it can bring to you and your business, just return it and we will refund 100% of your investment. Cool, right?