If you are personal development professional that's ready to add group events to your repertoire of services to reach a larger audience and change more lives, this program is for you.

The Oh, shift! Licensing Program /Workshop Kit is a complete, out-of-the-box business solution.

But wait. You not only get an incredibly easy to facilitate program, you also get a shift load of supportive tools and resources to help you grow your biz and make more money.

THAT'S what sets this apart from other seminars-in-a-box. The content is specially designed to help participants make shifts AND recognize the areas they could use more support in....perhaps for some one-on-one work. And guess who they'll hire? That's right. Y.O.U.


  No books or workbooks required.   Your Facilitator Guide comes in the mail and all the participant worksheets, supporting documents, and training audios are digitally downloaded onto your computer, ready to be used again and again.

No books or workbooks required. Your Facilitator Guide comes in the mail and all the participant worksheets, supporting documents, and training audios are digitally downloaded onto your computer, ready to be used again and again.

  • 1 Oh, shift! Facilitator License: Gives you full rights to teach the kick-ass principles as often as you'd like.
  • Six 45-60 minute print-on-demand modules: Participant worksheets that are ready to go. Print as many as you want, whenever you want!
  • Facilitator's Guide Binder: 72 pages of step-by-step instructions, suggested timing, scripts, coaching prompts and take-away exercises. All materials ready to use right out of the box.
  • Marketing tools: Get butts in seats with templates and brand-able flyers, social media posts, web copy and more.
  • Client attraction tools: Everything you need to convert participants into paying clients. 
  • MP3 Recordings: Exclusive access to Jennifer Powers facilitating all six modules increases your understanding of the material and makes delivery a piece of cake. YUM.
  • SWAG starter kit: A copy of Oh, shift and a dozen wristbands, inspiration cards, stickers and pocket guides.
  • Access to the private Facebook community. Connection and collaboration at your fingertips 24/7.
  • Train the trainer audio recordings: Get insiders tips and tricks to make you feel confident and competent before, during and after the event.


Designed to be flexible, the kit allows you to deliver several modules at once , or space them out over many weeks to teach at your own pace.


  1. Self-awareness: Teach them to build self-awareness to better understand who they are and what makes them tick, so they can more easily fine-tune their clock.
  2. Oh, shift!: Show them how to use their words to create their reality in AND out of work. This one is a game-changer.
  3. Flow: Help them practice acceptance of themselves, their circumstances, and other people so they spend less time in resistance and more time in the state of peace...and productivity.
  4. Change: Guide them as they discover why creating positive change is difficult, even when they really want it. Change isn't easy, but understanding what keeps them stuck is so helpful.
  5. Reactions: Teach them to recognize that things don't happen to them, things just happen. But it's how they react to those things that gives them the control they yearn for.
  6. Personal Power: Help them understand that they are not victims of other people, events or the system. But instead they can choose to be victors by holding themselves accountable for their feelings, actions, and choices.

Your earning potential?

The six modules may be delivered as a live workshop or virtually as a teleclass or webinar. The content can also be used to create a six-week group coaching program with each session lasting up to 90 minutes. Woot!


Here's just one example:

Let's say you offer a six-part teleclass for eight participants.
You price the program at $299/person.
8 x $299 = $2392
Maybe you offer it to ten participants at $249/person
10 x $249 = $2490

Either way, you've recouped the cost of the kit AND made a profit!
Do it again and you''ll make roughly $400/hour for each of the six hours you spend facilitating... and you never even left your office.*

PLUS, this doesn't take into account the amount of exposure, credibility, confidence and you're going to build when you start offering life-changing group events that your participants can't stop talking about.

*Examples and income projections in this website are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person utilizing the training programs, strategies, tools and resources.

Being an Oh, Shift Licensee has enriched my business and my life on so many levels:  from having more support through the community of facilitators, to enhancing my creditbility by offering such an incredible program. The small group experience has been extremely rewarding for both me and the workshop participants.  I have easily attracted new clients  and witnessed them be moved by the rich content of the Oh, shift! modules.”  


 Frederique Morris  www. morriswellness.com.au

"This awesome program launched my group coaching sessions effortlessly. It only took me 30 minutes to adapt the flyer and broadcast it (it's all is in the Workshop Kit!) and I had my first paid sign sign-up on the same day! The conversations induced by these interactive exercises were amazing and deep, allowing the participants to have some great shifts from the first session. Each exercise and module flows as if I was responding to the participants' most recent question or insight. I have also used this program for my one-on-one VIP clients and can’t wait to do my first full-day workshop! I recommend this program to anyone who is ready to take their business up a notch!”


 Keith Senzer  www.shiftyourpower.com  

"Just wanted to share, I booked a ten person 6-week workshop for a law firm for $3000! Maybe it’s my time. And next week I am coaching teen girls, an older son, and his parents. I feel the universe working for me!!! I wanted to share with you first, Jennifer because it’s all Oh Shift related!!"  



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