Change can be painful.
But it doesn’t have to be.

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You’re not alone. 

Jennifer wrote Oh, shift! for YOU if you’re in an industry like insurance and finance that changes so rapidly that you’re scrambling to keep up. 🏃

There aren’t many QUICK FIXES to help you navigate change instantly. This is one.
Jen promises this humorous, quick read will give you the tools you need to navigate change and live a powerful and abundant life.

Oh, shift! shows you how to let go of:

  • Feelings of doubt

  • Lack of power over your own success

  • Negative people and circumstances

 And instead you’ll discover how to:

  • Suit up and get in the game, ready to take some hits and still win

  • Stand in your power instead of finding blame

  • Be consistent and show up every day using your most powerful tool

  • Stay in the moment to react calmly to everyday curve balls

  • Raise your threshold so you know you can handle any change
    coming at ya

  • Be a rebel and march to the beat of your own drum

  • Change your mindset when it matters most—in the heat of the moment

 Oh, and did I mention… it’s FREE

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Master certified coach and international speaker Jennifer Powers wrote the best-selling book Oh, shift! in 2009 to help you create positive shifts in your life so you can experience more joy.  Written with wit and humor, Jennifer takes you places you haven't been before with her honest, tell-it-like-it-is style. Every page is filled with powerful insights that will make you think, giggle and understand what it takes to literally change your life...and it all starts with the letter ‘f’.

It took only a few months for Oh, shift! to become an Amazon best-seller.
The truth is, you can’t control what people say and do, or the unfavorable events that life serves up.

That’s why Oh, shift! focuses on choosing your reactions to those situations to maximize happiness and reduce stress. Oh, shift! works because the concepts are super simple, easy to use, and ridiculously relatable. So you go from feeling crappy to being happy in a lickity split.